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Services & Fees

I-751 Removal of Conditions

USCIS Petition


Service Details

Provide “Removal of Marriage Conditional Resident Status” questionnaires

Provide supporting document checklist

Review your personal qualifications

Confirmation that the I-751 joint petition/I-751 sole petition is appropriate for you

Prepare I-751 forms

Advise on how to prepare supporting documents, especially in sole petition

Compose application letter for the application

Submit your application with USCIS and keep your file

Guide on how to take biometric appointment

Provide Removal of Marriage Conditional Resident Status interview instruction, including FAQ


Filing Fee




Service Fee:


1. Service Fee may vary on the degree of complexity of each case.
2. Online customer with walk-in appointment will be subject to the pricing guideline of the local office visited.


Additional Service:



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